What do we do?

We are the link between students and owners of Shared Housing (VICOs) in Medellín. Finding a VICO has never been easier. We reduce the work for both students and owners.
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We are like our customers: We are also exchange students in Medellín who faced many problems when looking for a VICO.
In addition, even when we were already living in a house, there were several conflicts. To prevent these inconveniences and to help the students who come after us, we decided to start VICO.
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Intercultural Entrepreneurship?

VICO is an intercultural enterprise in all senses. As two Germans living in the Paisa and Colombian culture, we decided that our experience should also be represented in VICO’s values.

We are supported by the UPB and its Development Center where we also have our office.

If you are interested in joining our team, you can learn more about us here.
Our values
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I’m Manuel Franz

I am from Germany, graduated from the International Business Faculty with a double degree at the UPB.
I am one of the co-founders of VICO and describe myself as energetic, cheerful and proactive.

In our team, I manage the marketing and the communication of the company.




I’m Tilman Burfeind

I’m from Germany and graduated of the International Business Faculty with a double degree at the UPB.

I am one of the co-founders of VICO and describe myself as a cheerful, quiet, hardworking person who enjoys sports and contact with people.

In our team, I am dedicated to the product development management.



Graphic Designer

I’m Diana Alzate.

I am a Graphic Designer of the UPB specialized in strategic design.

I am a loving person, passionate about pure and innovative design and always aspiring to be a better professional every day.

In the VICO team I am in charge of graphic design, advertising and all the re-branding of the new brand.



Full-Stack Developer

I’m Andrés Felipe Cano

I am a Systems and information technology engineer from the UPB.

I am a pro-active person who is passionate about what I do, I have a great interest in computer security and computer science.

I’m one of the members of the programming team, and currently at VICO I’m a full stack Web developer and also in charge of publishing new versions of the platform.



Back-End Developer

I’m Cristian Gómez

I am a Systems and information technology engineer from the UPB.

I am a passionate person, communicative and competitive footballer, with great interest and skill in data management.

I am one of the engineers of VICO’s programming team. I am in charge of back-end development with database integration and at the same time everything related to events and mailing.



Back-End Developer

I’m Santiago Osorio Sánchez

I am a Systems engineering and computer science student at the UPB.
I am passionate about learning and putting my soul into what I do.
Member of the programming team, I am a Web developer at VICO
with an emphasis on Front-End.



Relationship with owners and Photographer

I’m Jefferson Velásquez

I am an international negotiator for the UPB.
I am a hard-working person, calm, friendly and fun, I love sport, especially football.

In the VICO team, I dedicate myself to customer service, which includes the acquisition of new VICOS and the solution of problems that may appear in the reservation process.



Graphic Designer

I’m Sebastián González Díez

I am a Graphic designer of the UPB with a double degree from the HAWK university (Germany).

I am a responsible and committed person. I love what I do and that is why I always try to do things as well as possible.

In the VICO team, I seek to generate an atmosphere of calm, transparency and friendship, which allows a more pleasant work and a good communication. As for my work, I dedicate myself to the global image of the company, which includes the production of advertising pieces, design strategies and digital platforms, etc..

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