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  • Medellin Orientation
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OLSA International is more than just an another language academy; it’s a cultural experience.  Our focus is to help our foreign students experience the language and culture of the beautiful people of Medellin.  We do this through several different Spanish classes/courses, cultural language exchanges, cultural local tours, cultural excursions, our local app “My Guide Medellin”, Salsa dance classes and Medellin Orientation.  We want you to have a great, fun, safe experience here in Medellin.

Academically, OLSA International has two very distinct classes/courses:


1) OLSA Conversational Spanish


This classes are intensive 80-minute conversational workouts with native Colombian Spanish speakers.  These classes are designed to expand your Spanish vocabulary on a variety of topics and improve your Spanish listening/fluency.  Our intention is that when you meet that person on the street/at an event here in Medellin, you have something more to say than what county you are from and how long you have been in Medellin. 


  • 1 week = $180.000 COP
  • 2 weeks = $345.000 COP
  • 3 weeks = $487.000 COP
  • 4 weeks = $600.000 COP

In addition to/in conjunction with these Spanish conversational classes, OLSA also works with tour and dance agencies to offer a variety of local and semi-local tours at local prices, and Salsa dance lessons (with, or without a partner) on campus!  

The OLSA International School in Laureles-Estadio, Medellín


2) One-Week Cultural Experience

With OLSA International you can book a One-Week Cultural Experience you`ll never forget:


Enjoy the 60-minute ride from José Maria Córdova International Airport in Rio Negro to Medellin as our driver picks you up and transports you to your temporary residence near OLSA International language academy.  You will have the afternoon/evening to settle into your lodging before your week of activities begins.  We’ll give you some pointers, of course.


Conversational Spanish Class – In the morning, polish up your Spanish skills with this highly interactive and dynamic mini Spanish course.  Following your Spanish class, get ready to learn some Latin Salsa with our professional Salsa teachers.  In the afternoon we´ll take the class downtown for a tour of Plaza Botero, Avenida Carabobo and the Museo de Antioquia featuring the works of Fernando Botero.


Continue with your morning Spanish and Salsa lessons.  In the afternoon we´ll soar high above the city in one of Medellin´s most iconic and innovative achievements – the Medellin MetroCable system.  We´ll travel over the Medellin comunas, past landmarks and over the Santa Elena forest to the famous Parque Arví.


Get ready to learn all about Colombia´s top export – COFFEE.  This all-day tour begins at 8am at the Estadio metro station.  From there we will travel to the end of the metro line in Bello where we will transfer to a private group van bound for a beautiful coffee finca.  While there we will learn the process of making coffee from plant to the drink, walk through private nature trails with secluded swimming holes, mountaintop vista points and aqueducts that date back to Spanish silver mining times.  Traditional Colombian breakfast and lunch are included.  We will return to Medellin around 6pm and those interested in practicing their Spanish skills are welcome to join us at our weekly language exchange.


Continue with your Spanish and Salsa lessons.  In the afternoon we´ll will take a walking tour from the San Antonio metro station to the Casa Museo de la Memoria – a high-tech museum dedicated to the memory of the fallen during Medellin´s difficult drug cartel era.


Continue with your Spanish and Salsa lessons.  In the afternoon we´ll take to the streets again with a tour of comuna 13.  This once embattled barrio is now one of the hottest tourist spots in Medellin.  Appreciate the street graffiti/murals and ascend the ever popular and practical Escaleras.


Get ready for the grand finale with this all-day tour to Guatapé!  On this tour we will take 8am bus from Estadio metro station through the cities of Guarne (where we will have a traditional Colombian breakfast) and Marinilla to the city of Guatapé.  While in Guatapé we will climb the 2nd biggest rock in the world, El Peñon, take a boat ride on Guatapé lake, have a traditional Colombian lunch, tour the old city of Guatapé, then return to Medellin around 6pm.  If you still have energy you can put your week´s worth of Salsa classes to good use as the clubs on the famous Calle 70 will be just waking up around 10pm.


Our driver will pick you up at your temporary residence and escort you back to the José Maria Córdova International Airport in Rio Negro for your return flight/nap home.


What do we offer?

OLSA University Spanish 101, 102, 201 and 202 are the Spanish grammar courses that are offered in the United States university systems.  These courses meet four times per week for approximately 80 minutes per session (8-week and 16-week sessions are described below) and are grammar-based with required homework. 

There are two options with the OLSA University Spanish program.

1) University classes only

Basic: 16 weeks – these classes meet only once per day for approximately 80 minutes per class.  Course = $5’700.000 COP
Intensive: 8 weeks – these classes meet twice per day for approximately 80 minutes per class with a 15 minute break between classes.  Course = $5’400.000 COP2. University class packet one comes with the following (16 weeks):

2) University class packet

Basic: (16 weeks)

  • 4 classes per week OLSA University Spanish
  • 2 classes per week OLSA Conversational Spanish
  • 2 classes per week Salsa dance classes
  • 1 excursion per week according to scheduled excursions

Lodging in nearby hostel or apartment (17 weeks) Packet = $13’000.000 (17th week week Colombian Caribbean vacation optional at additional $3’000.000 COP)

Intensive: (8 weeks)

  • 8 classes per week OLSA University Spanish (intensive)
  • 1 excursion per week according to scheduled excursions

Lodging in nearby hostel or apartment (9 weeks) $12’000.000 (10th week Colombian Caribbean vacation optional at additional $3’000.000 COP)

Wednesday Language Exchange / Estadio-Cultural Walking Tour 

Every Wednesday OLSA International offers free cultural programs to all our community to help bridge the gap between locals and foreigners.  In the morning (10:30am start-time), we offer our Estadio/Cultural Walking Tour which includes an introduction to the streets of Estadio, traditional Colombian treats, history of the Estadio and Inder,  Metro/EnCycla orientation, and more…  At night we take the next step and host a family-orientated language exchange to continue to connect foreigners with locals.  During this event we have an icebreaker and free conversation, along with great Mexican food from our very own Mexican restaurant, Andale-Que Sabe A Mexico.  The fourth Wednesday of each month we focus our language exchange on a special event with the popular application, DuoLingo.  We also have a free movie night/game night the third Friday of each month (see our calendar for more details).

Why chose OLSA International – Language School?

In short, OLSA International has the most extensive programming of any language school in Medellin.  From classes to intensive courses, to excursions, to events, etc..  We want you to have a great, exciting, educational and safe stay in Medellin.  So, if you are interested in improving your conversational Spanish, or interested in the full university immersion experience, OLSA International has a program for you.  Come in and chat with us during our free language exchange and see what everyone is talking about!

Check the Website of OLSA International here:



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